An Open Letter from NAET-Canada

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If you are thinking about seeing, or are already seeing a NAET® practitioner, please read the Open Letter from Dr. Nambudripad. Dr. Nambudripad refers to practitioners who are mixing various techniques in a NAET® Energy Balancing Procedures (EBP) session. If your practitioner says they will be modifying NAET® protocol, or are “treating according to the what the body needs first,” you may not be receiving true NAET®. NAET® is done with these NAET® Basic 15 mixtures first, one mixture per session, and in this order:

  1. BBF
  2. Egg Mix
  3. Calcium Mix
  4. Vitamin C Mix
  5. B-Complex
  6. Sugar Mix
  7. Iron Mix
  8. Vitamin A Mix
  9. Minerals Mix
  10. Salt Mix
  11. Grains Mix
  12. Yeast Mix
  13. Acid (Stomach Acid)
  14. Base (Digestive Enzymes)
  15. Hormones

Balancing a sensitivity to Heat before the Basic 15 mixtures are cleared is not NAET® protocol. Balancing all environmental substances, such as dust, animal, pollens, and molds, in a single session is not NAET® protocol.

A qualified practitioner who has practiced NAET® for more than one year should have certificates for both NAET® Basic and Advanced-1 classes on display. NAET-Canada continuing education requirements also require practitioners to take NAET® Advanced-2P training by December 2014.

If you suffer from a complex health condition beyond simple allergy, please be sure your NAET® practitioner has taken the appropriate NAET® Advanced-2 class, if they intend to use NAET® as the modality for your condition.

Debra Lowe, B.A. R.Ac, Certified NAET Practitioner
Lead for NAET-Canada

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